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Do you think sasuke should be ten tail host?

I believe sasuke won’t be able to control the ten tails and he would be devoured by the pain and hate of the ten tail. And this could start the Naruto vs sasuke fight? Click Here To Get HostMonster Best Offer! Chosen Answer: No,Sasuke body is too hot to contain any monster within him. ^^ [...]

What book is this and who is the author?

I have book stuck in my head and I can’t remember the title for the life of me. It’s about two kids who figure out there are monsters living underground who take body parts from humans. I believe the main characters eye get’s taken at the end of the book. I fully expect no one [...]

What is that show on Cartoon Network called?

It’s an old show, they donPt play it anymore, but it was a short thing alot like Toonami but it was played in the afternoons around four. It had five shows each, like Ben 10, Code Lyoko, Pokemon and Naruto. It was I believe underwater and it had monsters like a tv’ a short small [...]

Do you believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster will come host a feast in your lifetime?

Only for Pastafarians and not for smart alec deniers. Click Here To Get HostMonster Best Offer! Chosen Answer: if it happens, let me know – i will become a devout pastafarian as soon as i get the invite:) (i mean no offence when i write “pastafarian”. it is just that i have lost all faith [...]

best web hosting provider?

I have read many shared web hosting reviews and in fact asked a question a few days agon on Yahoo answers however I believe I closed the question by mistake. I am looking for reliablity, EXPECIALLY good customer support, and advanced features. As I am IT pro, I am looking for a reliable business hosting [...]