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What book is this and who is the author?

I have book stuck in my head and I can’t remember the title for the life of me. It’s about two kids who figure out there are monsters living underground who take body parts from humans. I believe the main characters eye get’s taken at the end of the book. I fully expect no one [...]

What is that show on Cartoon Network called?

It’s an old show, they donPt play it anymore, but it was a short thing alot like Toonami but it was played in the afternoons around four. It had five shows each, like Ben 10, Code Lyoko, Pokemon and Naruto. It was I believe underwater and it had monsters like a tv’ a short small [...]

Do you believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster will come host a feast in your lifetime?

Only for Pastafarians and not for smart alec deniers. Click Here To Get HostMonster Best Offer! Chosen Answer: if it happens, let me know – i will become a devout pastafarian as soon as i get the invite:) (i mean no offence when i write “pastafarian”. it is just that i have lost all faith [...]

best web hosting provider?

I have read many shared web hosting reviews and in fact asked a question a few days agon on Yahoo answers however I believe I closed the question by mistake. I am looking for reliablity, EXPECIALLY good customer support, and advanced features. As I am IT pro, I am looking for a reliable business hosting [...]